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I'm working on a project based on MSP430 microchip, using IAR compiler. Here is the simplified problem:

In my project I have 3 files:

In clock.h:

#define MCLK_8MHZ
void clk_init(void);

In clock.c:

#include "clock.h"
void clk_init(void)
    #ifdef MCLK_8MHZ
        #define delay_ms(x) __delay_cycles((long)(1000000*(double)x/1000.0))  
    #ifdef MCLK_12MHZ

In main.c:

#include "clock.h"

And the compiler would say function "delay_ms" declared implicitly

I think it mistook the delay_ms() as a function instead of a macro. Sure I could define it as a real function. But I thought it would damage the accuracy of time controlling.

How to solve this problem?

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Do you need quotes around your include in main.c like:

#include "clock.h"


If that is your only warning, it's something else.

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Sorry I forgot the quotes here, but I did use them in my project...It presents me an error when I try to link. – Shawn Jul 19 '13 at 1:51

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