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How can I access to an array element inside handlebars template using a variable instead of an hardcoded value? I need to do something like:

{{#each condition in conditions}}

at the moment doesn't give me a parse error but on runtime doesn't return me nothing. If i do something like this:


it works but it's not what i'm looking for

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Did you find any workaround? I'm stuck on the same issue. – Mathieu Sep 25 '14 at 16:07

Related to my answer on another question

You can use the built-in lookup helper:

The lookup helper allows for dynamic parameter resolution using Handlebars variables. This is useful for resolving values for array indexes.

Using lookup, your example could be written as

{{#each condition in conditions}}
    {{#with (lookup ../App.ops condition.op)}}

(Note that without knowledge of the structure of your data, I'm making an assumption about the location of App.ops.)

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This should be the accepted answer – Jivan Dec 27 '15 at 18:28

You can write a simple helper just to get value from array

Handlebars.registerHelper('getmyvalue', function(outer, inner) {
    return outer[inner.label];

and then use it in template like

{{#each outer}}
    {{#each ../inner}}
        {{getmyvalue ../this this }}

../this references to current outer item, and this - to current inner item

Example of data coming to template:

    outer: {
        1: { foo: "foo value" },
        2: { bar: "bar value" }
    inner: {
        1: { label: "foo" },
        2: { label: "bar" }
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You need to create a helper for your problem. Below is the sample solution to your problem using index values. If you want to use some conditions you can also do that.

Handlebars.registerHelper("each_with_index", function(array, options) {
    if(array != undefined && array != null && array.length > 0){
        var html = new StringBuffer();
        for (var i = 0, j = array.length; i < j; i++) {
            var item = array[i];
            item.index = i+1;

            // show the inside of the block

    // return the finished buffer
    return html.toString();
return "";

Then you can do something like this

{{#each_with_index condition in conditions}}
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