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I need to save string having " ' " in a dictionary along with \" instead of '.

the example is shown below. code:

 ss = "{'userName': {'suffix': None}"
   print ss
   print ss.replace("'", '\\"')
   temp = dict()
   temp["key"] = ss.replace("'", '\\"')
   print str(temp)


{'userName': {'suffix': None}
{\"userName\": {\"suffix\": None}
{'key': '{\\"userName\\": {\\"suffix\\": None}'}

please let me know any one have any solution or alternative for this.

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It's not converted. When you print a dict, you print its repr, which is further escaped for display purposes. Just print the actual string. – Wooble Jul 18 '13 at 14:00

You are looking at the repr() representation of a string. This is normal. A string representation uses escape codes for non-printable characters or anything that requires escaping.

Python containers show their contents, when printed, as string representations for debugging purposes. The resulting string representation is re-usable as a string literal, you can paste that right back into Python and it'll produce the same value.

Print individual values of you want to see the output unescaped:

print temp["key"]

and if you feel so inclined, compare that with the repr() result of the string:

print repr(temp["key"])
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Thanks Pieters, looks like temp["key"] solves my problem – user2595808 Jul 18 '13 at 14:14

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