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When I try to understand the hadoop JobTracker. How does the JobTracker assign the task to TaskTracker but I still have some question about This

  • Is it possible to assign the data for that node more than one block size for example I have one node need to assign more data because the performance power is more than another machine in the cluster if block side is 64MB by default is it possible to assign the data 2 block 128MB for that node if it cannot Can anyone suggest me how to use another solution.

  • When the Job comes to the JobTracker. JobTracker will split the job and schedule it to assign for each task tracker. if map node is not enough for that job. How is the JobTracker do.

  • for each datanode, if some part of the data is in the different machine for example I have Data A I split it in 6 HDFS Files. all of the HDFS Files is in seperate machine. How is the JobTracker schedule it ?

  • for the TaskTracker when it finish the task we assign to it. What kind of information it response back to JobTracker or only trigger JobTracker tell it I finish already

If anyone has another suggesttion about the topic is about the question. Please advise.

Thanks a lot for suggestion

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