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I am doing a little project on Android with Google maps. And I have one question - it is possible to make marker draggable with single click on it, not after long press. For example: I click marker, it changes icon and I can drag it anywhere in map, and then after another tap he will not be draggable again and changes its icon back? (Marker must be draggable all the time from first tap to second even if you release it)

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I know it should be in comment but due to less reputations i am suggesting you in answer.

You want to drag and drop facility for marker kind of thing ?

if so there is good example provided here. Please check it.

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Yes, thank you. This is not fpr API2, but i got the idea, and now everything works fine. –  Eddwhis Jul 26 '13 at 6:52
@Eddwhis Hi, please tell us how you did it, I've struggling for days to figure this out. We want to implement it for v2 –  Timmy Simons Mar 29 at 3:41
I was using dispatchtouchevent function and moving marker by screen coordinates, getting LatLng from GoogleMap.getProjection(). –  Eddwhis Apr 7 at 7:38

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