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I'm working with client who provided me with somewhat vague instructions. Here's what I'm doing (using CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer as consumer and DefaultOAuthProvider as provider)

  1. I'm able to get response token from doing this:

    String requestToken = provider.retrieveRequestToken

    this is in form of URL with params so I'm parsing the actual token out for example:

  2. Now - the instructions that I get say: Given the request token obtained in step 1, login with the user’s credentials (name and password) as POST parameters and sign the request with the request token/secret POST

That's where I'm having difficulties. Obviously I have to input that requestToken somewhere so I do this (post is HttpPost that contains user credentials):

consumer.setTokenWithSecret(requestToken, SECRET);

It doesn't work. It actually generates 200 status but what I get is a generic error message.

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retrieveRequestToken does not return a request token, it returns an authenticationUrl that you need to send your users to so they can sign in. Request token is saved in provider object.

String authenticationUrl = provider.retrieveRequestToken( call_back_url )

Note: According to the oauth standard the users sign in on the providers site with their credentials. After they have done that you (as a consumer) can get the Access Token and after that you can access their data on the providers site.

// After user has signed in

// access token is saved in provider and provider knows which consumer uses it
// so now you can sign with your consumer and connect with the request
URL url = new URL( protected_resources_url )
HttpURLConnection request = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();

If you have the user credentials you can do the authorization in your script

// Using grails and functional-tests
// Image the site shows a simple form with username/password and a login button
setRedirectEnabled false
form {
  username = "mario"
  password = "peach"

  click "login"

And then do retrieveRequestToken and the code mentioned above

Hope this helps you // Jonas

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