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I'm learning Rust as well as the extra::json module. Here is my example (with extra unneeed type annotations):

let j:Result<Json,JsonError> = from_str("[{\"bar\":\"baz\", \"biz\":123}]");
let l:List = match j {
  Ok(List(l)) => l,
  Ok(_) => fail!("Expected a list at the top level"),
  Err(e) => fail!(fmt!("Error: %?", e))
println(fmt!("item = %?", l.iter().advance(|i|{
  match i {
      &Object(o) => {
          println(fmt!("Object is %?", o));
      _ => {
          fail!("Should be a list of objects, no?");
  println(fmt!("i=%?", i));

When I compile, I get this:

$ rust run json.rs
json.rs:70:9: 70:18 error: cannot move out of dereference of & pointer
json.rs:70         &Object(o) => {
note: in expansion of fmt!
json.rs:68:10: 79:6 note: expansion site
error: aborting due to previous error

I have other examples of using match that don't hit this error.

Thanks for your help!

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Patterns like that are destructuring, which means they move out of the thing they match on by default. You want:

&Object(ref o) => { ... }

Which takes a borrowed reference to the member, rather than moving out of it.

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Thanks for this concise solution and explanation. –  Ozten Jul 18 '13 at 16:47

Corey's answer is much better. For discussion / completeness I thought I would add what I found before reading his answer.

You can get rid of the & by doing this:

let item:Json = copy *i;
    match item {
        Object(o) => {
            println(fmt!("true = %?", o.contains_key(&~"bar")));
            //let barItem = ;
            let baz = match copy *o.get(&~"bar") {
                String(abaz) => abaz,
                _ => fail!("Expected bar property")
            println(fmt!("bar = %?", baz));

It is not as good as the ref solution, because you copy the JSON object and use more memory.

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it should be

   match *i {
      Object(ref o) => println(fmt!("Object is %?", o)),
      _ => fail!("Should be a list of objects, no?")

see https://github.com/mozilla/rust/wiki/Note-style-guide#match-expressions

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