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Let's say my package in Laravel is test/test.

I created the package in the workbench and it's been working great following Jason Lewis' tutorial. Now I want to move the package out of the workbench to the vendor directory. This is where all tutorials fall short, even the laravel docs. I didn't want to use git to move the files, so I simply copied the test/test package from the workbench to the vendor directory (and then deleted it from the workbench). I didn't copy the test/test/vendor folder from the workbench (or any other files I noticed in the .gitignore file). I then ran composer install from my new vendor/test/test directory. I then did a composer dump-autoload from the laravel root directory.

Now when I run my application I get an error that I did not get when the package was in the workbench:

Class 'Test\Test\TestServiceProvider' not found
(this is coming from \bootstrap\compiled.php on line 4121)

I also did a php artisan dump-autoload from the laravel root and I get this same error.

Any ideas? Or can someone lead me to a tutorial that takes the package development all the way to it's final resting point in the vendor directory?

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Got it working.

I added:

"psr-0": {
    "Test\\Test": "vendor/test/test/src/"

to the autoload section in composer.json in the laravel root directory so it looks like this:

"autoload": {
    "classmap": [
    "psr-0": {
        "Test\\Test": "vendor/test/test/src/"

If I decide to put the package on Packagist later then I might remove this from the autoload and just keep the package referenced in the "require" part of my composer.json. We'll see what happens when I get that far!

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Though, it is in your vendor folder, which is excluded from your git commits (by default). I would suggest making something like app/lib so when you move to production, you don't have to move it manually and it persists in your repo. Just change out the psr-0 path. –  wesside Sep 9 '13 at 15:26
I just edit that .gitignore file and right under /vendor/* I add !/vendor/Test –  David Graham Mar 11 at 1:16
Thanks for this, I've been having the exact same issue, and your question resolved my problem right away. –  josef.van.niekerk Mar 14 at 15:27

I think you can install your packages from your hard drive as from local repository like this:

"repositories": [
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