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I have got error on IE8 for undefined , not a function object.
But on IE10 and other browsers it works fine. Below is Javascript code

 function SendInterestLoudAndClear1(e, link, username, profileLink, listingStatus) {
        // disable further clicks
        if($(e) != null){
            $(e).set("onclick", "SendInterestLoudAndClear(null)");

      if (link.indexOf("sendinterest") > -1) {
          // Only need the listingStatus
          SetListingDetails('', listingStatus);

          if ('{{listingtype}}' == 'look') {
             DoTracking( 'LoggedInSummaryLook','click', 'SendInterestButton', listingStatus);
          else {
               DoTracking( 'LoggedInSummaryHave', 'click','SendInterestButton', listingStatus);
          new Request({
              url: link,
              onSuccess: function () {
                {%if useLoudandClear %}

                    var lightboxId = 'send_interest-basic';
                    if ({{subsStatus}} == false || listingStatus == '2')
                        lightboxId = 'send_interest-premium';
                     SetLightBoxForSendInterest(lightboxId, username, profileLink);
                     showLightBox(lightboxId, 659);

                      if (e.getAttribute('title') == null || e.getAttribute('title') == "") {
                          // Remove this node but get a reference to its parent
                          var parent = $(e).getParent(); 
                          // Destroy the anchor link and child - free memory.

                          // Construct new html to be inserted into parent node
                          var img1 = new Element("img", { src: "{{StaticURL}}/images/ok.png", alt: "{{caption3108}}" });
                          var span2 = new Element("span", { class: "erm-grey-fav", title: "{{caption3108}}", text: "{{caption3108}}", onclick: "SendInterestLoudAndClear(this)" });
                          var interestSentElements = new Elements([img1, span2]);

                          // Use adopt instead to add to dom new divs
                        //showLightBox('interestsentbox', 300);
                      if (e.getAttribute('title') == null || e.getAttribute('title') == "") {
                          // e.innerHTML='{{caption1393}}';
                          $(e).set("html", '{{caption1393}}');
                          var id1 = e.get('id');
                          var img1 = id1 + "_sendinterest";
                          $(img1).src = "{{StaticURL}}/images/ok.png";
                          $(img1).style.display = "inline";
                          e.setAttribute('title', "{{caption1269}}");
                          e.set('class', 'erm-grey-fav');
              onFailure: function () {

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That's a bunch of code. Exactly where do you get that error? (You should be able to tell with the developer console.) –  Pointy Jul 18 '13 at 15:19
Also $(anything) will never be null. - edit wait; what library is that? It doesn't really look like jQuery, or if it is, it's some kind of really bizarre jQuery code. –  Pointy Jul 18 '13 at 15:20
@Pointy I do not think it is jQuery.... Looks like some other library using the $ variable maybe? –  Neal Jul 18 '13 at 15:24
I'm think it's MooTools - $ is an alias for document.getElementById, and seems to have the methods the OP is using: mootools.net/docs/core/Element/Element –  Ian Jul 18 '13 at 15:27
> $ is an alias for document.getElementById - not really. it's an alias for document.id, which in IE6/7/8 extends the element to get the proto methods it does not have from Element.prototype. this code is a mix of vanilla.js and mootools and is not safe at best. the point of using a library is to abstract the api for dom access so it is cross browser, not monkey patch as you deem fit. –  Dimitar Christoff Jul 19 '13 at 10:31

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