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The default port is http://localhost:9001.

How do I run the hybris platform using another port?

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Edit your {HYBRIS_ROOT_DIR}/config/ file and use the following properties to configure the various ports:


You can find the complete configuration reference on the Hybris wiki here:

In order for the changes to be applied you must run ant and restart Hybris.

You can run ant all, but if you have only changed the configuration you can deploy these changes without having to re-compile by using ant deploy which is much faster.

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Create a /config/ file with this content:


Then you'll get Hybris server to run on http://localhost:9101.

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If you change the port, make sure you update the spring security port-mappings (should be already using the configuration service and these properties via Spring EL to do this if you're on a recent version of hybris), and, for local development, the site URL resolution (website.<x>.http(s), media.<x>.http(s)) properties and the CMS Site URL mapping regular expressions (ImpEx or hMC). There's also a property for jvdbc I think.

You can change these in the config/, platform/ or a custom extension's The file has the highest priority (if the property is defined in multiple places), then the custom extension's, and finally in the platform's

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the hybris server port is defined in the platform/

You can change the ports there and you need to restart the server.

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Never edit this file, always override the configuration on your – Benoit Vanalderweireldt Dec 17 '14 at 0:38
As banalderweireldt mentioned this is bad practice! – Gynnad Jun 19 at 13:09

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