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I'm sending an AJAX request to the server, where the param value is encoded in the "escape(...)" function.

The Tomcat server (7.0.42) is configured s.t. the receiving Connector has a URIEncoding="UTF-8", in web.xml I have configured the SetCharacterEncodingFilter as follows:


, and additionally I have created a filter to encode the response as UTF-8:

public void doFilter(ServletRequest arg0, ServletResponse arg1, FilterChain arg2) throws IOException, ServletException {
    arg2.doFilter(arg0, arg1);

There is no issue parsing params that come from the Latin charset, but when I tried Russian, request.getParameter(..) returns null. Additionally, I get this in the logs (suspect it's coming from the SetCharacterEncodingFilter):

INFO: Character decoding failed. Parameter [usersaid] with value [%u044B%u0432%u0430%u044B%u0432%u0430%u044B%u0432%u044B%u0432%u0430%u044B%u0432%u0430%21] has been ignored. Note that the name and value quoted here may be corrupted due to the failed decoding. Use debug level logging to see the original, non-corrupted values.

And there is no DEBUG-level messages to follow (my logger is set up right I believe..)

Could you please advise? Will be happy to answer questions!

Many thanks, Victor.

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That string doesn't decode. Nothing to do with your application server. Try these tools to see for your self:

http://www.albionresearch.com/misc/urlencode.php http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/

So, the error looks like it might be client side. Make sure you set the encoding correctly when urlencoding. You are probably using something else that UTF-8, which is what you should use.

Here's a thread on correctly encoding unicode characters: What is the proper way to URL encode Unicode characters?

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Thank you Jilles! This put me on the right track. Another useful thread about encoding params in JS: stackoverflow.com/questions/75980/… –  vivri Jul 18 '13 at 17:49

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