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The script works fine when clicking on any of the links. I want it to prevent the show/hide script from executing if the same link is clicked a second time. I have found a few things on this site and others to try with .unbind being the most promising, but my the function starts with $(this).click(function (), and unbinding kills everything. I cannot figure out a way to restructure the code so it checks toggleDiv before the click against toggleDiv after the click to see if they are the same and removes the scripts.


Here is my js code:

//show hide
(function ($) {

    $.fn.showHide = function (options) {

        //default vars for the plugin
        var defaults = {
            speed: 200,
            easing: 'swing'
        var options = $.extend(defaults, options);

        $(this).click(function () {
            $('.toggleDiv').slideUp(options.speed, options.easing);
            // once the button is clicked, the clicked div (.toggleDiv) slides up  
            var toggleDiv = $(this).attr('rel');
            // reads rel attribute of clicked link / which div id to toggle 
            $(toggleDiv).slideToggle(options.speed, options.easing);
            // toggle show/hide the correct div + speed and easing


    speed: 200,
    // speed you want the toggle to happen             
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Use the one() function: $(this).one('click', function() {}); this will only run once – Derek Jul 18 '13 at 15:45
I tried using .one, but I want users to be able to click as many times as they like, just not on the same link consecutively. – jpscoggan Jul 18 '13 at 16:04
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A simple way to go about this: add a class to the one you just clicked, and then disallow a second click if that link is active.


$('.show_hide section').click(function() {
    if ($(this).hasClass('active')) return false;
    //use if you want to allow a click after switching sections
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This worked perfectly. Thanks! – jpscoggan Jul 18 '13 at 16:03

Use the; function. This function's callback is only reached once and is automatically removed after the call:

$(this).one('click', clickHandlerFunction);
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