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I'm with a problem here. I have a client A code that calls a B via RMI. After that I'm sending a queue request via JMS to the real implementation C. However, I don't know the "address" of A. Is there a way to store the connection data somehow so that I can return the data to A later?

Basically the thing is that B can have tons of requests and need to synchronize this to the requestor. How to do that?





String HelloWorld(String s) {


String HelloWorldOnJMS(String aff) {
    return "aff+2"
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Do you mean you want the result of C's work to be returned as the result of A's remote method invocation? What is the current interface for returning data to A? – erickson Nov 20 '09 at 20:18
Yeah thats right, I'm getting A request on B and doing some work there and sending to a queue in JMS to C, and I want to get C result later and get for instance a value and send to A. Basically I want to have a way to callback A outside the called rmi method. – Marcos Roriz Junior Nov 20 '09 at 20:21
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If you can't modify A, then B needs to be responsible for blocking until C produces a result, and returning that result synchronous as the result of the RMI method.

So it seems the problem is more about how C can reply to B (or "Bs", since it sounds like you have a cluster of these) than how to respond to A.

Normally, synchronous calls like this are simulated via JMS by creating a temporary queue, and specifying that as the reply address on the message. So, B would create a temporary queue, then block on that queue until it received the result back from C, then return the content of the reply to A.

I might not understand your circumstances fully, but it seems like any other approach would require modifications to the AB interface.

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Excellent idea! – Marcos Roriz Junior Nov 20 '09 at 20:59

Well, since A and B are already connected via a RMI locator, why not just have A register a service as well, and then let B call that service?

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Well I can't modify A, since it's a client and I can't modify the interface. Well I'm doing that because on my B code I'm doing balancing of servers. I'm treating a lot of things there for the "client" A. – Marcos Roriz Junior Nov 20 '09 at 20:15

An RMI call forwarding to a JMSService? Sounds like Apache Camel is exactly what you need; its a framework for doing just this sort of Enterprise integration.

The components page has examples of how to set up RMI and JMS (and myriad other) endpoints. You'll then write a route using its powerful DSL to forward messages from one endpoint to the other.

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Definitely going to take a look at that :3 – Marcos Roriz Junior Nov 20 '09 at 20:50

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