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I was wondering which command is executed internally when we select 'Delete' from Clearcase explorer context menu. Is it rmname, rmelem or rmbranch? We use base CC.

I am a developer and since I don't want to do any removal related experiments within our CC setup, I decided to ask the question here.

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It is cleartool rmname.

It will checkout for you the parent directory, derefence the file (rmname) and checkin the parent directory.

See "About cleartool rmname and checkouts"

The Delete operation from within ClearCase Explorer on Microsoft® Windows® executes a cleartool rmname, not a cleartool rmelem or cleartool rmver.

Of course, this is valid for a file or a directory (see "Clearcase Delete Directory").

The nice thing with a rmname is that you can cancel it, creating a new version which restores the element (file or directory) that you have "deleted".
See "Undo remove file in ClearCase".

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Thanks a lot for the answer! –  Mandar Jul 18 '13 at 17:51

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