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I am using fake mail for windows, For long time i got a problem with the FIRST mail i am sending, What i mean is that for example i am using php so i will use this line:

mail("", "hey", "bye");

If i will load the page with this mail function for the first time the mail function will return false, But the second time and third and so on it will work, But, After some time i can not determine how long exactly, I can say the gmail mail server "going to sleep", And again when i am sending a mail for the first time its like, Ohh you need a mail to send give me a second(the first mail return false), After the mail server got the second it wanted it will send the mail(return true), I did follow this tut, The error appear at the error.log is: Connection Closed Gracefully., Now as i see it there is a problem on my gmail account(some setting i should change), Anyway If anyone got any idea i will be very thankful, Thank you all and have a nice day.

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After researching this bug, it seems to be a bug of the mail() function. One alternative is to download the phpMailer library, and implement your mail function there. The other alternative, since you say that the second time it always works, is:

if (!mail("", "hey", "bye"))
    mail("", "hey", "bye");

In other words, if it fails once then you try again. You might insert a 300-milisecond pause there in case Google needs some time to come back from sleep.

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Thank you Alex, At this time i am using phpMailer, But about your idea it's great i didn't think about that, Anyway about the pause just to be clear i don't think going to use fake sendmail again but for the pause is it ok to use – Aviel Fedida Nov 15 '13 at 16:50
Yes; sorry, I should have specified that. – Alex Nov 15 '13 at 19:18

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