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I downloaded VTK 6.0.0, configured it, generated it, and made it in my ubuntu 12.04 (with no errors). I also turned on the flag for VTK_Group_MPI and Module_vtkmrmpi. I am trying to compile a VTK/MPI Hello World program using the command line

sudo mpic++ -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK6.0.0Attempt2/Parallel/MPI mpi_vtk_Hello_World.cpp -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK6.0.0Attempt2/Parallel/Core -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK6.0.0Attempt2/Common/Core -o mpi_vtk_Hello_World

the Hello world program is:

#include "vtkMPIController.h" 

void process(vtkMultiProcessController* controller, void* vtkNotUsed(arg)) 
    int myId = controller->GetLocalProcessId(); 

    std::cout << "My process id is "; 
    std::cout << myId << "." << std::endl; 

int main( int argc, char* argv[] ) 
    vtkMPIController* controller = vtkMPIController::New(); 
    controller->Initialize(&argc, &argv); 

    controller->SetSingleMethod(process, 0); 


    return 0; 

However, I get an error saying that:

/tmp/cc6iq2lQ.o:mpi_vtk_Hello_World.cpp:function process(vtkMultiProcessController*, void*): error: undefined reference to 'vtkMultiProcessController::GetLocalProcessId()'

along with 2 other similar errors of undefined references.

I am not entirely sure why these errors are occurring. I was thinking it may be because of the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX parameter, but it made correctly. I was also thinking I may be using the wrong flags to enable MPI, as suggested by http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/50zHj1hYwwTAT06EeG4o

Additional notes: I also tried using VTK 5.8.0 instead and followed the instructions at http://wwwx.cs.unc.edu/Research/bass/index.php/VTK . Unfortunately,I got the same errors of undefined references after running the sudo mpicc++ command.

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You should link the VTK library with your program, e.g. by providing the correct link option to the compile command like -lvtk. –  Hristo Iliev Jul 19 '13 at 12:38
I tried doing sudo mpic++ -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK/Parallel -lvtk mpi_vtk_Hello_World.cpp -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK/Common -o mpi_vtk_Hello_World but I got an error that /usr/bin/ld: error: cannot find -lvtk. I don't appear to have a libvtk.so, but I do have a bunch of other ones libvtk*.so –  ThinkFlow Jul 19 '13 at 16:25
Never mind, I tried using -lvtkParallel, and it seemed to work. How would I know these command line link options though? –  ThinkFlow Jul 19 '13 at 17:05
By reading the manual? –  Hristo Iliev Jul 19 '13 at 18:52
Do you happen to have a link to the manual discussing about those options like -lvtk and -lvtkParallel? I'm not sure what manual you're referring to. I went to vtk.org/doc/release/5.8/html/index.html and tried the search and wiki, but I only found scattered examples. –  ThinkFlow Jul 22 '13 at 17:58

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sudo mpic++ -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK/Parallel -lvtkParallel mpi_vtk_Hello_World.cpp -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK -I $HOME/Downloads/VTK/Common -o mpi_vtk_Hello_World

works. Apparently -lvtkParallel was needed to help compile the mpi/VTK code.

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