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I need to find if a SSIS Job was successful or not. My job has 3 steps (1,2,3) and If step1 fails, the Status of the entire job should become "Failed".

Here are my columns..

JobName StepNo StepName LastRunStatus LastRunDuration LastRunDateTime

CiscoABC 1 Extr000 Succeeded 0:03:14 6/20/13 8:00 CiscoABC 2 Stage000 Succeeded 0:06:59 6/20/13 8:03 CiscoABC 3 Tran000 Succeeded 0:09:49 6/20/13 8:10

CiscoABC 1 Extr000 Failed 0:05:54 6/21/13 8:00

CiscoABC 1 Extr000 Succeeded 0:07:41 6/21/13 14:30 CiscoABC 2 Stage000 Succeeded 0:01:21 6/21/13 14:38 CiscoABC 3 Tran000 Succeeded 0:27:22 6/21/13 14:39

If you look at it, the job failed on 6/21/13 at 8:00am, so we re-ran the Job from Step1 at 14:30pm again..

I want to add another column called Job Status, which would say JobStatus. For each run (Steps 1,2,3) if any of the step fails, the JobStatus should say "Success" and if even one step fails, it should say "Failure"..

Is there any way we can do this without using a cursor ?

I am thinking if I can group the Sequences using a Row_Number() we can do something..

Please help me with this problem. Thanks in advance!

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