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I'm trying to write what is essentially a StringComparison.InvariantCulture, but with StringOptions.StringSort baked in. (I need it for IEnumerable<string>.OrderBy(), So I can't pass it as a parameter like I can for String.Compare.)

However, StringComparsion.Create does not take StringOptions as an argument. Is there a one-line way to do this, rather than writing a whole class as shown here?

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It's not a one-line solution, but it's reasonably simple...

You can create a custom comparer:

class InvariantCultureStringSortComparer : IComparer<string>
    private readonly CompareInfo _compareInfo = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.CompareInfo;
    public int Compare(string x, string y)
        return _compareInfo.Compare(x, y, CompareOptions.StringSort);

And pass it as a parameter to OrderBy:

var ordered = items.OrderBy(i => i.Name, new InvariantCultureStringSortComparer());
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Yeah, this is what I'm using right now. –  Arithmomaniac Jul 18 '13 at 18:33
As a total aside, this is one class that I think could be just fine as a Singleton. –  Jesse C. Slicer Jul 18 '13 at 18:36

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