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How to sent email in Oracle PL/SQL package to multiple receivers? I have below pl/sql procedure within an oracle package, it works only for one receiver. I need to improve it functional to let it can send email to multiple receivers at same time like "To: David Festool; Peter Makita; John Dewalt". Any body can help me out will be great appreciate! Please provide me modified code.

procedure email(p_recip   in varchar2,
                p_subject in varchar2,
                p_message in varchar2) is

  c   utl_smtp.connection;
  msg varchar2(4000);

  procedure send_header(name in varchar2, header in varchar2) as
    utl_smtp.write_data(c, name || ': ' || header || utl_tcp.crlf);
  --Open SMTP connection
  c := utl_smtp.open_connection('ExchangeServerName');

  -- Write SMTP header
  utl_smtp.helo(c, 'ExchangeServerName');
  utl_smtp.mail(c, 'Email@MyCompany.on.ca');
  utl_smtp.rcpt(c, p_recip);
  send_header('From', '"Title" <Email@MyCompany.on.ca');
  send_header('To', p_recip);
  send_header('Subject', p_subject);
  send_header('Mime-Version', '1.0');
  send_header('Content-Type', 'multipart/mixed; boundary="DMW.Boundary.605592468"');

  -- Write MIME boundary line for the message body
  msg := utl_tcp.crlf || '--DMW.Boundary.605592468' || utl_tcp.crlf ||
         'Content-Type: text/plain' || utl_tcp.crlf ||
         'Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit' || utl_tcp.crlf ||
  utl_smtp.write_data(c, msg);

  -- Write message body
  utl_smtp.write_data(c, p_message || utl_tcp.crlf);

  -- Clean up
  when utl_smtp.transient_error or utl_smtp.permanent_error then
      when utl_smtp.transient_error or utl_smtp.permanent_error then
        -- When the SMTP server is down or unavailable, we don't have
      -- a connection to the server. The QUIT call will raise an
      -- exception that we can ignore.

    raise_application_error(-20000, 'Failed to send mail due to the following error: ' ||
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Can you use UTL_MAIL.SEND instead? Then use a comma-separated list for the recipients. –  Jon Heller Jul 18 '13 at 22:43

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You need to call utl_smtp.rcpt multiple times, once for each recipient; you can't give a list of values in one call.

From the UTL_SMTP.RCPT documentation:

To send a message to multiple recipients, call this routine multiple times. Each invocation schedules delivery to a single e-mail address.

That means you can't really pass a string of names, unless you're happy to parse the individual addresses out; it would be easier to pass an array of values, probably.

The TO header is a separate issue; if I recall correctly, that is really just for display, and having an address as a rcpt but not in the TO (or CC) header is how BCC is implemented. Citation needed though...

Here's an old AskTom article demonstrating this. jonearles suggestion to use UTL_MAIL should be investigated though.

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+1 and you are correct about the BCC implementation - simply call RCPT and don't include in the message headers. –  Jeffrey Kemp Jul 19 '13 at 5:01

The format is:

UTL_MAIL.SEND (sender, recipientlist, cc, bcc, subject, Message, mime_type, priority)

The recipientlist, cc, and bcc parameters are all comma-separated lists of recipient, copy to, and blind copy e-mail addresses.

The sender, subject, message, and mime_type parameters are all single item fields.

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