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I am working on an existing .xlsx file. Can any one share with me that, how can I get my current file name?

I mean, suppose I am working on test.xlsx file. How can I get the name of workbook "test.xlsx" using apache poi.

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Go back to the File object you opened it from, and ask that? –  Gagravarr Jul 18 '13 at 23:56
@Gagravarr: You are right this is one way I can do that... infact I have done by the same way right now. But I was thinking that... is there any way to get the workbook name like we are getting the sheet name with the help of sheet.getSheetName()? –  Sankumarsingh Jul 19 '13 at 7:03
No, because not all workbooks have a backed file, and you can change the filename, it's not something special –  Gagravarr Jul 19 '13 at 8:55

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POI can open a workbook from any InputStream you care to throw at it. (Files are lower memory, but you can use a stream if you want, and many people do). If a stream isn't file backed, then it doesn't have a filename, so no amount of pleading with POI will get you one!

If you are opening a Workbook from a File, then that File object knows the filename. Ask that for it! Otherwise, if opening from an InputStream, there most likely isn't a filename, so there's nothing to supply.

Finally, be aware that unlike the name of a Sheet, which is stored in the file, the name of the file itself isn't something magic. Take test.xls, copy it to test2.xls, and also store it in a database blob field. Load all. All of them are the same file, but two of them have different filenames, and one has no filename at all!

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