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I found a tab system in jQuery on the internet but the guy who made it (and authorized it's use) isn't available for contact anymore, so this is why I ask this question here.

This is the code of my javascript that manages the different tabs.

window.onload=function() {​

// get tab container
  var container = document.getElementById("tabContainer");
    if (document.location.hash.length) {
        $('.tabs ul li a[href^="' + document.location.hash + '"]').click();
// set current tab
var navitem = container.querySelector(".tabs ul li");
//store which tab we are on
var ident ="_")[1];
//set current tab with class of activetabheader

//hide two tab contents we don't need
var pages = container.querySelectorAll(".tabpage");
for (var i = 1; i < pages.length; i++) {

//this adds click event to tabs
var tabs = container.querySelectorAll(".tabs ul li");
for (var i = 0; i < tabs.length; i++) {

// on click of one of tabs
function displayPage() {
  var current = this.parentNode.getAttribute("data-current");
  //remove class of activetabheader and hide old contents
  document.getElementById("tabHeader_" + current).removeAttribute("class");
  document.getElementById("tabpage_" + current).style.display="none";

  var ident ="_")[1];
  //add class of activetabheader to new active tab and show contents
  document.getElementById("tabpage_" + ident).style.display="block";

This is the HTML:

            <div class="tabs">
                <li id="tabHeader_1">Les listes</li>
                <li id="tabHeader_2">Les membres</li>
<div class="tabscontent">
            <div class="tabpage" id="tabpage_1">
                <h2>Les listes</h2>
                <p>Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus...</p>
            <div class="tabpage" id="tabpage_2">

By default, the javascript loads the FIRST tab (tabHeader_1, tabpage_1). What I'd like is if I put for example in the url, it loads automatically the second tab.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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document.location.hash returns the hash with the number sign (#hash).
You also can't use .tabs ul li a as the selector because there is no a tag inside of the li.

Try using:

var hash = document.location.hash.substr(1); // skip 1 character (the number sign)
$('.tabs ul li[id^="' + hash + '"]').click();

Also, this script isn't in jQuery. It only uses 1 jQuery function throughout the whole script. I would consider this more pure JavaScript than jQuery.

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It worked perfectly. Thanks. – Yannick Bloem Jul 19 '13 at 15:43

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