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I'm sure this is really simple but...

I'm converting a superfish responsive menu for a WordPress template and have managed to implement a version based on this jsfiddle. To polish it off I want to add a simple slideDown/slideUp effect for when you click on an item and its children open up in (the mobile version of the menu). - slide the bottom bar across so you're seeing the <480px version

The code I have is


    function () {

but however I try to add a slideDown function in there too, I can't get it to work.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

Thanks, Ben

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So you want an animation rather than instant open/close? – isherwood Jul 18 '13 at 20:18

If you take all the blasted !importants off the CSS, and then you do this:

$('.mobnav-subarrow').click(function () {

... you're almost there. You'd need to disable the suckerfish hover effect to wrap it up.

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So you are looking for something like this:


function () {


function () {
    var list = $(this).next();
        $('.sf-menu ul').slideUp();
        $('.sf-menu ul').slideUp();

There were some edit in the css too. Don't use !improtant when you are trying to animate something with javascript. (speaking for dispaly: block!important; and display: none!important; that was in the CSS)

JsFiddle (Updated)

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