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I have a list that is comma delimited like so...

 00:00:00:00:00:00,Bob's Laptop,11111111111111111
 00:00:00:00:00:00,Mom & Dad's Computer,22222222222222222

I'm trying to loop over these lines and populate variables with the 3 columns in each row. My script works when the data has no spaces, ampersands, or apostrophes. When it does have those then it doesn't work right. Here is my script:

 for line in $(cat list) 
    arr=(`echo $line | tr "," "\n"`)
    echo "Field1: ${arr[0]}"    
    echo "Field2: ${arr[1]}"
    echo "Field3: ${arr[2]}"

If one of you bash gurus can point out how I can get this script to work with my list I would greatly appreciate it!


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while IFS=, read field1 field2 field3
  echo $field1
  echo $field2
  echo $field3
done < list
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This worked great! thx! –  exvance Jul 18 '13 at 21:36

Can you use awk?

awk -F',' '{print "Field1: " $1 "\nField2: " $2 "\nField3: " $3}'
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Do not read lines with a for loop. Use read instead

while IFS=, read -r -a line;
    printf "%s\n" "${line[0]}" "${line[1]}" "${line[2]}";
done < list

Or, using array slicing

while IFS=, read -r -a line;
    printf "%s\n" "${line[@]:0:3}"; 
done < list
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