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I'm using gmaps4jsf and I see that you can set markers based on lat and long, but how can you set markers based on an address? All the examples on the net are for version < 3.0 and they show the <m:marker> tag with an attribute of address, but the documentation does not have that attribute and when i try setting it anyways, it doesn't work unless i use lat/long.

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GMaps4JSF's marker has an address attribute since its early days, here are online examples: http://www.mashups4jsf.com/gmaps4jsf-examples2-3.0.0/pages/addressableMarkers.xhtml http://www.mashups4jsf.com/gmaps4jsf-examples2-3.0.0/pages/addressableMarkers.xhtml.source

The documentation was just missing this attribute.

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Ahh i see. I must have been hitting the limit before. Seems like after 10 markers it doesn't put anymore on there. –  Catfish Jul 19 '13 at 20:18

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