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Hi I am trying to get some referenced data from another table,

Data structure:

Table PartDetail
-OperationTypeID(foreign key)

Table OperationType

I am trying something like this:

$crud = $this->add('MVCGrid', array('allow_edit'=>false));

But then I want to see the "description" from table OperationType, because on my PartDetail model I declare my relationship like this:

$this->hasOne('OperationType','OperationTypeID','Description') ->mandatory(true)
->caption('Operation Type');

for example in this case I want to see the description from the table OperationType

I tried: $crud->setModel('Model_PartDetail',array('DateAdded','OperationType'));

but is not working, only works with: $crud->setModel('Model_PartDetail',array('DateAdded','OperationTypeID'));

but I get only the ID number, not the description.

How this works?

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I was able to solved it.

on the model you need to redefine it as

$ref = $this->add('Field_Reference', 'OperationTypeID');

$m = $this->add('Model_OperationType');
$m->addField('D'); // <-- actually seems that this line is not working

$ref->setModel($m, 'Description');

And then in the page you can actually added as OperationTypeDescription:

$crud->setModel('Model_PartDetail', array('DateAdded', 'OperationTypeDescription'));
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There should be easier solution. –  DarkSide Jul 22 '13 at 9:59
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