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I am trying to declare a list<Tuple<String,String,String> where Tuple<String, String, String> is a class that I rolled myself.

public static void main(String args[]) {
        List<Tuple<String,String,String>> Queries = new List<Tuple<String,String,String>>();

and this is the Tuple Class

public class Tuple<T1, T2, T3> extends java.lang.Object {

private final T1 first;
private final T2 second;
private final T3 third;

public Tuple(T1 first, T2 second, T3 third){
this.first = first;
this.second = second;
this.third = third;

public T1 first(){ return first; }

public T2 second(){ return second; }

public T3 third(){ return third; }

The error that I'm getting with List is

 Cannot instantiate the type List<Tuple<String,String,String>>
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List is an interface that can't be instantiated directly; try a concrete implementation, such as ArrayList:

List<Tuple<String,String,String>> Queries = new ArrayList<Tuple<String,String,String>>();

It had nothing to do with your custom class Tuple and everything to do with the List interface.

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Forgot that List is just an interface in Java. This is what coding in C# for a long time does to you. Now I gotta wait 13 minutes –  Wusiji Jul 18 '13 at 21:44

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