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I've got a list of dictionaries like this:

users = [{'id':1, 'name': 'shreyans'}, {'id':2, 'name':'alex'}, {'id':3, 'name':'david'}]

and a list of ids with the desired order:

order = [3,1,2]

What's the best way to order the list users by the list order?

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Use sort with a custom key:

users.sort(key=lambda x: order.index(x['id']))
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users = [{'id':1, 'name': 'shreyans'},
         {'id':2, 'name':'alex'},
         {'id':3, 'name':'david'}]
order = [3,1,2]

users.sort(key=lambda x: order.index(x['id']))
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If the lists are really big:

userd = {d['id']:d for d in users}
sortedusers = [userd.get(o) for o in order]

This is O(2n). A solution using sort only will be O(n^3.log(n)) (sort is nlogn, finding position of every id in list is O(n^2)), which is clearly worse for larger lists. For smaller lists (such as 3 items), the low overhead of not creating a new data structure will make it faster; conversely if you keep sorting by new order specifications, the overhead of making the new dict will quickly amortise.

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