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How to use "LIKE" to find rows that have for instance "R011","R012","R021","R022" in their string?I dont want "R01" nor "R02" to be selected.

FROM "public"."Test"
WHERE 'Code' LIKE 'R01%';

in a table named "Test" in column "Code" I have used Above query but the result was:

no rows found.

rows are like the following:

R(01-04,11)  Personnel professionnel des
R01  M้decins, dentistes et v้t้r.
R011 M้decins sp้cialistes
R022 Omnipraticiens et m้decins en m้decine
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FROM   public."Test"
WHERE  "Code" LIKE 'R0__';

This requires 2 characters after 'R0'.

Your use of single quotes makes no sense. Start by reading about identifiers and key words in the manual. My advice: do not use mixed case identifiers at all.
Then proceed to information about pattern matching.

To be more specific you could use a regular expression like:

WHERE  "Code" ~ '^R0\d\d$';  -- allowing any 2 digits

or even:

WHERE  "Code" ~ '^R0[12]{2}$';  -- allowing only 1 and 2
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You want to use the underscore instead of the percent character. Underscore _ matches a single character, where as percent % matches zero or more characters.

select 'R011' like 'R01_'
# true

select 'R01' like 'R01_'
# false

Or better yet you can use regular expressions to match just decimal characters.

select 'R011' ~ 'R\\d{3}'


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