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I'm trying to enumerate the methods of an interface from the Ruby side, which as far as I know, JRuby maps to modules.

What I thought should work:

name = # omitting logic which is currently iterating entries of a jar file
clazz = name.constantize

If I call instance_methods on some real module like Enumerable, I get a full list of all the methods I see documented.

Likewise, if I call instance_methods on some Java interface like Comparable or Collection which is treated specially by JRuby, I do get a list, but it only includes the special Ruby methods, not all the methods present on the interface.

Calling it on any other interface returns [], which isn't particularly useful.

I know I can drop to java_class and use Java introspection to get the declared methods, but I specifically want the Ruby names for all the methods because I'm trying to compare the contents of the jar with the results of running the specs, to try and find untested methods.

Is there a proper way to do this?

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try java_instance_methods on the java_class of the interface e.g. :

=> ["toString", "charAt", "length", "subSequence"]
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