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I have an app with node.js/ running fine. Every time a client looses connection, it tries to reconnect using predefined process for that:

var io = io.connect("/", {
    'reconnect': true,
    'reconnection delay': 1000,
    'reconnection limit': 5000,
    'max reconnection attempts': 100

This works fine for all browsers except Internet Explorer. I added some alerts on all reconnecting events to check where the problem might be:

io.on('disconnect', function(){ alert('Disconnected!'); });
io.on('reconnect_failed', function(){ alert('FAILED'); });
io.on('reconnect', function(){ alert('OK'); });
io.on('reconnecting', function( nextRetry ){ alert('Reconnecting...'); });

When I stop server (or client connection is lost), all clients get the 'on disconnect' message. No problem with that.

Clients with other than IE

All clients keep getting the 'Reconnecting...' message every 5 seconds until connection has been restored, and if so, they get the final OK message.

Clients with IE

If server is still down by the time IE tries to reconnect (the first time), client does not continue trying to reconnect, and even when server is up again users will never be connected until refresh of page. Since disconnect event, clients get the "Reconnecting..." message only once.

Just as a plus test, if server is restored before IE client tries to reconnect, then client get reconnected with success.

I found this problem here: But they to not come to a solution. I serve the file dinamically, so I cannot edit it the way they suggest.


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Which IE version are you using ? – user568109 Jul 19 '13 at 4:03
Tested in IE 8 & 9 – Marco Madueño Jul 19 '13 at 22:13

This is how I worked around this issue for 0.9.6 / ie8:

  var _socket = io.connect();
  _socket.on('disconnect', function(){
      var interval = setInterval(function () {
          if (_socket.socket.connected) {
          } else {
      }, 31000);

31 seconds interval is needed for the previous jsonp script inserted into document to time out, othervise multiple connect events are triggered (multiple sockets get connected) when server becomes available..

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