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I have an Xcode project that I've cloned properly from a git repo which was compiling fine until one day when I tried to compile it. It couldn't find some header files that were clearly in the project, in the build settings, in the build phases, and in the project folder. It even auto-completed the header name but then gave me the build error. There were other source files of similar type in the same folder that were working fine!

I deleted it all and cloned again. The other person using this repo has no problems. I get more headers that can't be found. Removing their references then putting them back in, cleaning, clearing derived data, then cleaning again works to fix it sometimes, but they keep appearing one-by-one in random source files in the project. Most of these are source files in a certain folder with many other source files that are found without problems, and a few are in different folders.

Any suggestions to fix this? It's like playing whack-a-mole with these errors, and it's wasting my coding time.

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