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I am creating an iOS app that uses core data in almost every VC.

The app has many Navigation Controller and different types of segues.

I want all these viewControllers to be using the same Managed object context. Also, I do not want to keep using prepare to segue to do this as I can use that to pass more relevant info for a particular VC.

Hence, I need help to create a central class or something similar that will help me get the same instance of the managed object context in all my VCs.

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Try singleton.… – Desdenova Jul 19 '13 at 7:45
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Singleton Pattern!

@class SingleTonnedClass;
@interface SingleTonnedClass : NSObject
   + (SingleTonnedClass*)sharedInstance;
   - (id)getterInstanceMethod;

In .m

@implementation SingleTonnedClass
  SingleTonnedClass *singleTonInstance;
  + (SingleTonnedClass*)sharedInstance
         singleTonInstance = [SingleTonnedClass new];

  other method implementation

From anywhere in your project you can access the instance of SingleTon class by just including its header and,

  [SingleTonnedClass shatedInstance]; //will return you the singleton instance

and access methods like this

 [[SingleTonnedClass sharedInstance]someMethod];
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Thanks a lot.. Helped a lot. :) – Pratham Mehta Jul 19 '13 at 17:55

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