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I have an json string i want to parse to small array of objects, i am using decoder for that but it wont help, why is this happining?

I have defined the variable as $cleanforcharacters

$cleanforcharacters = preg_replace('/["{mtwrdayfsasusseto}"]_/', '', $found['newdiscounthours']);

this is my output

discount_org: "{"day":"8:00","time":"12:00","discount":"10","day":"8:00","time":"12:00","discount":"10"}"

this is desired output (array of objects)

discount_org: [
day: 0,
time: 8,
discount: 10
day: 0,
time: 14,
discount: 10

this is how i tried

$arrayOfEmails = json_decode($cleanforcharacters);

and this is what i am getting now

discount_org: {
day: "20",
time: "12:00",
discount: "20"

the rest is not coming out either

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This is because you have declared that as an object and the keys are overriding the values rather than being set as new values:-

You have given:-

discount_org: "{"day":"8:00","time":"12:00","discount":"10","day":"8:00","time":"12:00","discount":"10"}"

It should be:-

discount_org: "[{"day":"8:00","time":"12:00","discount":"10"},{"day":"8:00","time":"12:00","discount":"10"}]"

Then use:-

$arrayOfEmails = json_decode($cleanforcharacters,true);

This would give you correct result.

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Well is it not because it is a string and not a object? If so, i dont think the decoder works with strings –  Zaz Jul 19 '13 at 7:29

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