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I would like to access external data from my aws ec2 instance.

In more detail: I would like to specify inside by user-data the name of a folder containing about 2M of binary data. When my aws instance starts up, I would like it to download the files in that folder and copy them to a specific location on the local disk. I only need to access the data once, at startup.

I don't want to store the data in S3 because, as I understand it, this would require storing my aws credentials on the instance itself, or passing them as userdata which is also a security risk. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

I am looking for a solution that is both secure and highly reliable.

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which operating system do you run ?

you can use an elastic block storage. it's like a device you can mount at boot (without credentials) and you have permanent storage there.

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EBS doesn't work well for me because (I neglected to mention) that I need multiple instances running at the same time, and you can only connect an EBS volume to one instance at a time. I've decided to simply pass in a url as user-data and have the instance retrieve the data from there. – user74838 Nov 21 '09 at 6:57

You can also sync up instances using something like Gluster filesystem. See this thread on it.

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