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I have a articles controller and a view function in it to show an individual article, so my url's are like<article-id>/<article-title>

My code:

class Articles extends CI_Controller {  
   function view($id=NULL,$slug=""){
        //Code to fetch article details from DB by id

How do it make my url's to look like<article-title>

Thank You.

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Define all the controllers in routes config addressing to their own methods. At the end of routes config add following rule --

$route['(:any)']   = 'articles/view/$1';

All the requests other than previously defined route will now be served by artcile/view controller method.

Next part is create a mapping table that will map article titles to article ids. You can get article title with


in view function.

Whenever article is updated with title, then update mapping table as well.

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@varun1505 you could use the article title as the unique id and pass it as the first segment in the URI – Mehrdad Dastgir Jul 19 '13 at 9:09

I did the similar thing for my blog. @Varun As per Sachin's comment this is underline routing path actually you will see url as as expected.

Also I have extended for Level Urls like this

$route['spring/(:any)'] = "controller_name/method_name/$1";
$route['hibernate/(:any)'] = "controller_name/method_name/$1";

So actual URL look like this which is mapped to  "controller_name/method_name/$1"

Fnd more information on below Url


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