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My output is a status report of a storage box. eg

Output - 1

Source                     Destination                   State          Lag         Status

host1:/vol/xxxxx/xxxxxx    backup1:/vol/xxxxx/vol12     Snapvaulted    11:24:21    Idle

host2:/vol/xxxxx/xxxxxx    backup2:/vol/xxxxx/abc_xyz     Snapvaulted    1898:58:16  Idle

host3:/vol/xxxxx/xxxxxx    backup3:/vol/xxxxx/vmfs_unix     Snapvaulted    18:58:02    Idle

Output - 2

Volume     Tree     Style Oplocks  Status   
--------   -------- ----- -------- ---------

vol12      cs_rvl   unix  enabled  normal   
vol12      cvs_rvl  unix  enabled  normal   
vol12      svn_rvl  unix  enabled  normal   
vol12      swarch   unix  enabled  normal   
abc_xyz    abc_xyz mixed enabled  normal

def6g      def6g    unix  enabled  normal

vmfs_unix  vmfs_unix unix  enabled  normal      

Here i need to find out if all my tree's (column 2 in output - 2) is there in Output - 1 (column 2 as seen in eg) Here the issue is there can be multiple tree's in a volume and there are cases where volume name is given (vol12 is an example)

I wrote a script but its giving me O/P as cs_rvl, cvs_rvl, svn_rvl, swarch & def6g

Output of my script should give me def6g as all other tree are available under vol12.

Kindly help

Thanks in advance

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Show us the script –  doctorlove Jul 19 '13 at 8:48

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