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What kind of things are allowed for in-app billing (that won't get me banned)?

Firstly I meant to use it for unlocking the "pro" version. That seems allowed for me, and is a better solution than having two different apps.

Second, can I use it to charge a service. Like "Helping you root your phone for $X.XX", where user would pay, I would get his email and he would be eligible for a 50 min Hangout chat with me.

Can I put more than one in-app billing in one app (seems allowed cause of games). Like "removing adds", unlocking additional content etc.

Lastly, are affiliate links allowed in Android apps?

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In-app billing means u can charge something for behaviour of your application. Like in a game i can charge for the bombs or that kind of powers. So basically it all goes in-app not out of app. U can put as many items as u want in in-app billing. like for bomb power 1$, for some crashes 2$ for some lives and other suff 5$.

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