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In Qt, how do I take a screenshot of a specific window (i.e. suppose I had Notepad up and I wanted to take a screenshot of the window titled "Untitled - Notepad")? In their screenshot example code, they show how to take a screenshot of the entire desktop:

originalPixmap = QPixmap::grabWindow(QApplication::desktop()->winId());

How would I get the winId() for a specific window (assuming I knew the window's title) in Qt?


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I'm pretty sure that's platform-specific. winIds are HWNDs on Windows, so you could call FindWindow(NULL, "Untitled - Notepad") in the example you gave.

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This is not a Qt solution... –  Final Contest Apr 27 at 3:12
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Also look at WindowFromPoint and EnumChildWindows. The latter could allow you to prompt the user to disambiguate if you had multiple windows with the same title.

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For Qt the way you "take a screenshot of a specific window" is to:

/*------ Take a screenshot of a window ------*/
// window is a: QWidget *window;
originalPixmap = QPixmap::grabWidget(window); 
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Look at QDesktopWidget class. It's inherited from QWidget so there is literally no problem of taking screenshot:

QPixmap pm(QDesktopWidget::screenGeometry().size());
QDesktopWidget::screen().render(&pm); // pm now contains screenshot
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Although this has already been answered, just for the sake of completeness, I'll add to Trevor Boyd Smith's post (see above) a code-snippet example:

void MainWindow::on_myButton_GUI_Screeshot_clicked()
    QPixmap qPixMap = QPixmap::grabWidget(this);  // *this* is window pointer, the snippet     is in the mainwindow.cpp file

    QImage qImage = qPixMap.toImage();

    cv::Mat GUI_SCREENSHOT = cv::Mat(         qImage.height(),
                                              qImage.width(), CV_8UC4,
                                              qImage.bytesPerLine()  );

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