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I have a multiproject build. Some of the projects in the build produce test results. One project produces an installer, and I want that project's artifacts to include the test results from all the other projects. I attempted to do that like this (in the project that produces an installer):

// Empty test task, so that we can make the gathering of test results here depend on the tests' having
// been run in other projects in the build
task test << {

def dependentTestResultsDir = new File( buildDir, 'dependentTestResults' )

task gatherDependentTestResults( type: Zip, dependsOn: test ) {

    project.parent.subprojects.each { subproject ->

        // Find projects in this build which have a testResults configuration
        if( subproject.configurations.find { == 'testResults' } ) {

            // Extract the test results (which are in a zip file) into a directory
            def tmpDir = new File( dependentTestResultsDir, )
            subproject.copy {
                from zipTree( subproject.configurations['testResults'].artifacts.files.singleFile )
                into tmpDir

    // Define the output of this task as the contents of that tree
    from dependentTestResultsDir

The problem is that at the point when this task is configured, the test tasks in the other projects haven't run, so their artifacts don't exist, and I get messages during my build like this:

The specified zip file ZIP 'C:\[path to project]\build\distributions\[artifact].zip' does not exist and will be silently ignored. This behaviour has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in Gradle 2.0

So I need to do something that will involve the configuration of my task being delayed until the test artifacts have actually been produced. What is the idiomatic way to achieve this?

I seem to need to address questions of this nature quite frequently about Gradle. I think I'm missing something conceptually.

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In that instance, you should just be able to make it an action by adding << as in

task gatherDependentTestResults( type: Zip, dependsOn: test ) << {
    // your task code here
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That doesn't seem to work for me - the task is always considered to be up-to-date. The task has to be a Zip or similar, because I'm going to use it in an artifacts script block, but if I put my code in an action like that the Zip task doesn't get configured (at least I assume that's what's happening). – Andy McKibbin Jul 19 '13 at 14:45
add another task that the zip task depends on and use that task to do the configuration (of the zip task) – Matt Jul 19 '13 at 15:46

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