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I'm using OSX 10.8, python 2.7.5

I just built a GUI with QtDesigner, and I was trying to figure out how to use it with Python. I found I have to use "pyuic" and how to do it here : pyqt installation problem in mac osx snow leopard, but following the approach given here gave me a pretty nice

pyuic: command not found

Any advice would be most welcome on how to solve this

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Your problem is PyQt installation on OSX 10.8, solve that and you will have the pyuic command. Using homebrew? –  Manuel Gutierrez Jul 23 '13 at 18:22

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I don't know about OSX, but another solution is to use the uic module of PyQt4 (pyuic4 is just a wrapper around this module). Here is an example of a custom QDialog using a ui file called mydialog.ui :

import os

from PyQt4 import QtGui
from PyQt4 import uic

class myDialog(QtGui.QDialog):
  def __init__(self, parent=None):
    QtGui.QDialog.__init__(self, parent)
    uic.loadUi(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)),"mydialog.ui"), self)

Note that the loadUi method last argument is self: this means that you will have access to all widgets as attributes of your class, ie dialog.textEdit instead of dialog.ui.textEdit.

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