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I am playing a video on label in Qt. I am using Open CV for the same. The video is playing but it is too fast. How can I decrease the playback speed. I tried using setCaptureProperty but it is not working. My code is as follows

HeaderFile Declarations:

CvCapture *capture;
IplImge *frame;
cv::Mat source_image;
cv::Mat dest_image;
QTimer *imageTimer;

Button click slot:

void MainWindow::onButtonClick()
   capture = cvCaptureFromFile("/mp.mp4");
    frame = cvQueryFrame((capture);
    source_image = frame;
    QImage qimg = QImage((const unsigned char*),source_image.cols,source_imge.rows,QImage::Format_RGB888);

Somebody please guide on this...Thank You :)

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Use cvWaitKey(100); in each frame. It adds 100ms delay. – William Jul 19 '13 at 10:49
Tried it...Not working...I wrote it the while loop... – Sid411 Jul 19 '13 at 11:31

I use Qtimer in this way,not the while loop,like following:

void on_button_click()
void readframe()   
    //display image in label 
    Mat2QImage(); // convert mat to QImage;

and in the main window,

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