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I'm working on a project with 2 more developers. The problem is that 1 developer is using SVN and the other developer and I using github. Is there a way to keep everything synced on both sides SVN and git?

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Either force the other guy to use git, or have the svn repository be the main one, and use git-svn to pull/push from/to it.

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When I had to deal with this one time, I just told the other guy to learn git and suck it. Eventually, he did and everyone was happy. I suggest that :-)

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+1 for bluntness –  Corey Hart Nov 21 '09 at 18:04

git is more flexible and powerful and might be a better option than using both types of version control systems in parallel. The svn user can be taught to use git now to save more headaches later.

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As of April 2010 GitHub provides a (readonly) interface to svn. If he insists to use svn and to not learn git, he should send patches and one of the git users (or automated) checks them into a separate branch for that developer.

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