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I'm developing one blackberry 10 application. I've coded the first page in main.qml which contains buttons and lables, etc. And this page doesn't contain any navigation or tabbed pane.

Now when the user clicks on the button in the main.qml page, I have to show the second page i.e. cities.qml which shows some cities in the list view with header. All cities are static data only. So how should i pass this data i.e collection of cities to second page and assign to list view.


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Two points here: navigation, and listview usage:

1.) Navigation: You can either use a NavigationPane, which correspond to your needs, as I guess the user can go back from your second screen to the first one, or a Sheet to display your data. The NavigationPane seems to be the best here.

2.) Listview: To display data in a list, you need to provide the list a DataModel. If you have static data only, you can probably use something like a QAbstractListModel.

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If you have static data and want display them in a listview, you can use XmlDataModel.

Check out the ListView developer site and their example:


Page {
content: Container {
    background: Color.White
    ListView {
        rootIndexPath: [1]
        dataModel: XmlDataModel { source: "model.xml" }



<header title="North America">
  <item title="Toronto" />
  <item title="New York" />
<header title="Europe">
<item title="Copenhagen" />
  <item title="Malmo" />

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