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I am programming in CUDA and whereas my C and C++ files automatically get doxygen highlighting by setting

let g:load_doxygen_syntax=1

in ~/.vimrc, my cuda files (.cu and .cuh) do not. How can I add doxygen highlighting to them, on top of the already existing CUDA highlighting?

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Add the following to your ~/.vimrc:

au Syntax cuda
        \ if (exists('b:load_doxygen_syntax') && b:load_doxygen_syntax)
        \       || (exists('g:load_doxygen_syntax') && g:load_doxygen_syntax)
        \   | runtime! syntax/doxygen.vim
        \ | endif

Add the filetypes you want doxygen highlighting for as a comma-separated list after au Syntax. This snippet (taken from syntax/synload.vim) respects the load_doxygen_syntax setting.

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You should mark this as the accepted answer. – Sudar Sep 9 '14 at 5:16

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