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I'm working on a wordpress editor for my blog, and need to be able to make sure that the function doGET() is finished before I click the save button with javascript or jquery. The doGET function might take a tad of time as I'm in a country with incredible slow internet connection...

$('#xmlbutton').click(function() {



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You have to put...


in the callback of doGET() since it's an asynchronous operation.

Since I don't have all your code I made a little example.

$('#xmlbutton').on('click', function(){
  $.get('/post/edit', {"id":"12"}, function(result){

PS: Instead of $('#save-post').trigger('click'); you should probably do $('#save-post-buttons-form').trigger('submit');.

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Thanks! That's superb! –  2famous.TV Jul 19 '13 at 12:50

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