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I want to add latest tomcat-7.0.42 in my eclipse. Probably eclipse tomcat server adapter 7 only supports tomcat version upto 7.0.12 ..

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So please help me how can I configure my eclipse with tomcat-7.0.42

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You are specifying tomcat source directory.

You need to specify tomcat binary installation root directory, also known as CATALINA_HOME.

Usually, this is where you untar apache-tomcat-7.0.42.tar.gz file.

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I installed using brew, /usr/local/Cellar/tomcat7/7.0.57/libexec/ worked for me. –  Usman Jan 13 at 1:20

This happened to me because Tomcat was still in the process of downloading (Download and Install). The message disappeared after a few minutes.

The eclipse window should really have some type of progress indicator showing download status.

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Yeah, the dialog has no window, but the lower right corner of the main IDE window has a progress bar. –  Snekse Jul 17 '14 at 19:11

As soon as you provide the directory where Tomcat needs to be installed and click ok you can notice download and installation starts in the progress tab of Eclipse.

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Let the process complete.The error will automatically disappear.

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Note: It is not mandatory to name your folder CATALINA_HOME. I have tested this with windows. Cannot assert the same for Linux but IMO same rule should apply.

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For LINUX the installation directory for Tomcat 7 is: /usr/share/tomcat7

Please use this configuration.

More here: http://gridlab.dimes.unical.it/lackovic/eclipse-tomcat-ubuntu-jersey/

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Probably, you are trying to point the tomcat directory having the source folder. Please download the tomcat binary version from here .For Linux environments, there you can find .zip and .tar.gz files under core section. Please download and extract them. after that, if you point this extracted directory, eclipse will be able to identify the tomcat version. Eclipse was not able to find the version of tomcat, since the directory you pointed out didn't contain the conf folder. Hope this helps!

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Please vote my answer, if it helped –  junkiecoder Aug 20 '13 at 14:15

Go to "Window -> preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments"

Remove the existing servers they might not have downloaded completely.

Add new Server

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Thank you that fixed my issue! –  Arbel Jan 21 at 3:22

Some times the actual directory is inside the extracted folder.Please confirm the exact folder you selected .

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