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I am completely new to working with SugarCRM. I am working on a project that has a custom extensions for SugarCRM. They then pull data from this extension using the API to another part of the site.

In this extension they are calling in this variable $assigned_user_id

I need to modify the extension so that I can also pull in the Email address of the user assigned to $assigned_user_id

Can any Sugar experts point me in the right direction of how to do this?

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I think your best bet might be to pull it directly from the Sugar database itself.

If you have any knowledge of SQL, it should be pretty easy with a SELECT statement. Let me know if you need an example.

As far as pulling the email with the API itself, look here: Sugarcrm.com

You'll need to define the email field and you need to make sure you are actually returning and setting the assigned_user_id

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