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I'm new to asynchronous task execution in Spring, so please forgive me if this sounds like a silly question.

I read that @Async annotation is introduced from Spring 3.x onward at method level to invocation of that method will occur asynchronously. I also read that we can configure the ThreadPoolTaskExecutor in the spring config file.

What I'm not able to understand is that how to call a @Async annotated method from a tak executor lets suppose - AsyncTaskExecutor

Earlier we used to do something like in a class:

@Autowired protected AsyncTaskExecutor executor;

And then

executor.submit(<Some Runnable or Callable task>)

I'm not able to understand the relationship between @Async annotated methods and TaskExecutor.

I tried searching a lot over the internet but could not get anything on this.

Can somebody provide an example for the same.

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Here's an example of @Async use:

void doSomething() {
    // this will be executed asynchronously

Now call that method from another class and it will run asynchronously. If you want a return value use a Future

Future<String> returnSomething(int i) {
    // this will be executed asynchronously

The relationship between @Async and TaskExecutor is that @Async uses a TaskExecutor behind the scenes. From the docs:

By default when specifying @Async on a method, the executor that will be used is the one supplied to the 'annotation-driven' element as described above. However, the value attribute of the @Async annotation can be used when needing to indicate that an executor other than the default should be used when executing a given method.

So to set up a default executor, add this to your spring config

<task:annotation-driven executor="myExecutor" />

Or to use a particular executor for a single use try


See http://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/3.2.x/spring-framework-reference/html/scheduling.html#scheduling-annotation-support-async

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In the config file, one should mention an annotation driven task with the thread pool name and method with @Async(pool name) will be executed as part of that pool. This creates a proxy class for the one which has @Async annotation and executes it for every thread.

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it sound more like a comment, rather than an answer. Could you specify a bit more? –  winner_joiner May 14 at 5:04
yes it is a comment, Planky has already given the answer. –  Agasthya May 14 at 5:59

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