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Suppose, I am declaring my CvMat* as shown below and then converting it to cv::Mat and then doing the conversion of types from CV_8UC1 to CV_32FC1. Then after the conversion, I want to revert it back to CVMat*. Can anbody tell me how can I do the conversion from cv::Mat to CvMat* ?

     CvMat* r1 = cvLoadImageM(argv[2], 0);
     cv::Mat r1cpp(r1);
     r1.convertTo(r1, CV_32FC1, 1.0/255.0);

Or does anybody knows how can I do the conversion of CV_8UC1 to CV_32FC1 with C API?

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You can convert CV_8UC1 to CV_32FC1 with C API using cvConvertScale((src), (dst), 1, 0 ) command as follows

// source image
CvMat* src = cvLoadImageM(argv[2], 0); 

// allocate destination image of type CV_32F
CvMat* dst = cvCreateMat(src->height, src->width, CV_32FC1) 

// convert src image to dst image (type CV_32F)
cvConvertScale(src, dst, 1, 0 );  
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Another method which I found out is CvMat* r3 = cvCreateMat(rgbMat->height, rgbMat->width, CV_32FC1); cvConvert(r1, r3); –  user227666 Jul 19 '13 at 13:38
Yes, you a right. I edited my answer. –  Alex Jul 19 '13 at 13:40

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