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Is there any jquery plugin similar to Whatever:hover ?.I'm using jquery library already so is there any jquery plugin to make hover possible on all element in IE 6 like Whatever:hover htc does?

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Yes, you can use the .hover helper in jQuery to add IE6 support (you need to adjust the CSS as well).


$('div').hover(function(e) {
},function(e) {


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FYI, you could use toggleClass() instead of add/remove class. And $(this) instead of function(e) and – rochal Nov 21 '09 at 10:19
do u know any tutorial and example of this – Jitendra Vyas Nov 21 '09 at 10:20
what about ? – rochal Nov 21 '09 at 10:24
how to add hover to every tag in once like Whatover:hover does? – Jitendra Vyas Nov 22 '09 at 10:12
I need a plugin to apply hover on all items without declaring for particular item – Jitendra Vyas Dec 24 '09 at 5:00

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